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Window Tint FilmGALAXY

Globally Patented Pearl-look Premium Window Tint Film

Another art tint film created by Clif Designs, Galaxy window tint film tells a special story of aesthetic window tint that was inspired by our mission to ‘cater to more detailed taste of the owner.’ When seen from the outside, Galaxy looks as if pearl powder was applied to glass. However, from the inside of the car, you cannot see the pearl glitter from the inside, just like any normal window tint film, to provide top level visibility. This globally patented pearl-look tint film produces subtle yet awe-inspiring style.

In addition, thanks to the state-of-the-art optical performance, the car window film effectively blocks the heat and UV rays from the sun, thus, improving the energy efficiency and creating refreshing interior environment. Also, the outstanding visibility during the day and night-time helps you enjoy comfortable drive.

Combining the unprecedented aesthetics and optics, Clif Designs’ Galaxy tint film will upgrade the style and value of your car in a way you could not expect from generic tinting.

Look AroundFeatures

  • Effect of Solar Heat & Harmful UV Blocking
  • Excellent Transparency & Visibility
  • Improved Exterior Styles (Reflective fascinating pearl)
  • Increase Privacy Effectiveness
  • Reducing Eyestrain (Reduces the sun's glare, enhancing visibility)
  • Siginal-Free (Metal-free film won't interfere with electronic devices within a vehicle)
  • Prevent Scattering in case of breakage
  • Warrantied for 7 Years against delamination, fade, bubbling and cracking
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