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Window Tint FilmBLUSTER

Expresses Haughty Sophistication With Special Glossy Color

Bluster window tint film is a compound word for natural ocean blue and luster in German. As the name suggests, Bluster class is a special window film made of multiple layers of metal films produced by processing special metal using the sputtering technique and nano-ceramic coated films. When applied on car windows, the special glossy color produces urban sophisticatedness you expect from solar glasses.

Furthermore, compared to other products with the same VLT, it provides outstanding day/nighttime visibility, over 95% IRR, and almost 100% UVR. The special glossy natural ocean blue shade adds magnificent exterior decoration, delivering the optimal solution for customers looking for sophisticated style and look.

Look AroundFeatures

  • Excellent Transparency & Visibility
  • Improved Exterior Styles (Low reflective refined natural)
  • Increase Privacy Effectiveness
  • Effect of Solar Heat & Harmful UV Blocking
  • Reducing Eyestrain (Reduces the sun's glare, enhancing visibility)
  • Prevent Scattering in case of breakage
  • Warrantied for 7 Years against delamination, fade, bubbling and cracking
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