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523 Sylvan Ave, 5th Floor
Mountain View, CA 94041USA

About UsA New Leader In The Relevant Industry

We have directly developed/manufactured the relevant products based on the actual experiences for about 20 years so far. Initially, starting from the simple production by following the major brands, as time passed, we gradually started doing OEM & ODM of other brands. Based on the accumulated experiential know-how, we tried new attempts and challenges rather than feeling satisfied with the reality, which was led to the birth of a brand ‘Clif Designs’. Just as we have done so far, we will be attempting new challenges rather than feeling satisfied with the reality, and we will be also working hard to make our standard become the new standard of the relevant market.

What's the difference?About

Clif Designs all products are the outcomes of our longstanding and extensive efforts towards unrivaled world-class products based on our technical capabilities and scientific knowledge. To create world-class qualities, our products are to go through extensive tests under extreme conditions (high-speed driving, extreme heat and cold, abnormal use, etc.,)
Clif Designs boasts the most advanced coating and bonding procedures with clean and modernized production lines, minimizing defects and producing world-class automotive protection films for your vehicle finishes.

Our premium protection films are chosen by many high-class premium car owners, and our remarkable product qualities and easy installation are welcomed by many installers, allowing our markets to be extended worldwide.

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