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About UsWHY

We always think that our duty is to provide the professional car styling & protection film products that could maximize the value of vehicle and the pleasure of driving to the vehicle owners who have selected the products of Clif Designs. Therefore, to put the best efforts into our duty,we have selected new challenges rather than realistic compromise, and the results of this process are the current styling & protective film products of Clif Designs.

Long Experience & Know-how

Advanced Production Line

Performance & Quality

Styling & Protection

ProductsConvergence Differentiated

We offer a wider range of products than other competitors, and each product is developed and produced with a clear directive.

In planning our products, our utmost priority is the expertise and differentiation that sets us apart which satisfies the special 1% rather than aiming for universal value. This is evident through our variety of differentiated products converged beyond simple functionality.

The Check Point

More Special Products

Are you passionate supply more perfect car styling & protective film products than the current products to consumers?

Products for Specialist

Do you have handle more diferentiated car styling & protective products suitable for your best technical skills?

If You Answered, YES!

Cool, Perfect
& Differentiated Film Installation

Review various film installation examples of films and find the future look of your vehicles.