The best solutions for your car safety and economical concerns

'An aspiring Palm Beach musician was critically injured behind the wheel of a convertible on Friday when a piece of metal sliced through the vehicle's windshield along Interstate 95 in Boca Raton, authorities said'... This is an abstract from a Newspaper in the U.S.

car windshield damage Stone chips or other debris may fly into your windshield, and as mentioned above in the article, the windshield damage can happen at any time, causing not only safety problems but also financial loss.

The windshield protection film is to protect car windshield glass from unexpected external shocks by installing a specifically-manufactured film onto windshield. By adding the shield films, the strength of the windshield is enhanced, reducing scars made by invisible small debris (rock chips, stars, pitting and bull's eyes), and protecting you and your passengers from the sun’s harmful cancer causing effects. It also reduces the amount of solar heat entering your vehicle.

The windshield protection film also helps to hold shattered glass in place in the case of an accident, thereby increasing you and your passengers’ personal safety. In addition it's perfectly clear, improving drivers’ vision by reducing glare and the film also increases the speed of rain and snow run-off in harsh weather conditions. Windshield film repels rain and snow to give drivers a clearer and safer view while driving.

ClifDesigns' windshield protection products are the best solutions for your safety and economical concerns considering their superior optical clarity, visibility, and durability (against external shocks and scratches) among other competitive brands.


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