Get both Style and Protection... STECTION

The 'STECTION' film is a wrapping film of a whole-new concept, which you've never experienced before. Clif Designs has conducted related studies for a long time to incorporate the long-term experiences in paint protection films into the wrapping film. And this resulted in Clif Designs introducing a very special film named 'STECTION' which provides the STyle and protECTION at the same time. This has been made possible through many trials and errors.

The STECTION film is comprised of the best-in-class Soft Hybrid PVC color film layer, in which various textures and colors are instilled and the thickness is 140 micron to the maximum, a TPU layer of thin organic material, a special acrylic adhesive layer with superior initial adhesion, and CSR special coating layer which is to enhance various functions and film durability.

A whole-new concept, which you've never experienced before

ClifDesigns STECTION film has not been born just from laminating and post-processing of normal materials. The STECTION film has been brought to the world from special manufacturing procedures of Clif Designs via numerous trials and errors associated with various procedures and tests for a long period of time, and the only purpose of these efforts were to maximize the very purpose and durability of the Soft Hybrid PVC color film and TPU film of thin and organic material created through special CSR coating procedures.

STECTION® Paint Protection Film

The 'STECTION' film, introduced for the first time in the world by the Car wrapping company Clif Designs, is a new-concept wrapping film which combines the style of wrapping and protection functions of PPF. That is, the STECTION film shows excellent resistance to contaminants and chemical materials, and remarkable water-repellant performance together with the effects of various colors and textures. In more detail, the STECTION film of Clif Designs presents fundamental solutions to three main problems that occur after Car wrapping (film bleaching, and surface deformation and damage), and provides functions of protecting the car surface from scratches and stone chips that never lag behind compared to other PPF films. Plus, the Car wrapping designs of STECTION film is also equipped with self-healing function which allows scratches on the vehicle surface to heal themselves by external heats or sunlight.

Together with various functions specified above, the Professional car wrap designers 'STECTION' film boasts luxurious aesthetic appearance thanks to excellent gloss and clarity, and after installing the 'STECTION' film, the film still keeps the feeling of natural colors like the one from a factory.


  • - Increases product longevity (Liberation from the problems of film bleaching, surface deformation and damage)
  • - Natural Feeling of Colors & Highest Gloss Finish
  • - Excellent Stain Resistant from dirt, oil, tar and bugs
  • - Anti-Contamination (Easy to remove contaminants)
  • - Hydrophobic (Advanced water repelling properties)
  • - Strong Resistance to Contaminants and Chemicals
  • - Scratches Self-Healing
  • - Warrantied for 10 Years against delamination, yellowing, bubbling and cracking
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