Computer-Cut PPF 'RealCut'

When people buy expensive products such as cars and smart gadgets, everyone would think that they want to use them without damage for a long time. Clif Designs 'Real Cut', developed to meet the customers' needs, is a computer-cut protection film applicable to various areas such as cars, smart digital devices, home appliances, and sports-related products.

RealCut Golf Club Protection Film

It's just a matter of time that golf clubs get damaged due to numerous scratches by miss shots and scars by sand, and the paint of gof clubs gets peeled off because of scratches and the contamiation from the rubber of artificial turf creates scratches on golf clubs.

The 'Real Cut' golf club protection film developed to prevent golf clubs from being scratched will protect the head crown, lower part of shaft, and putter sole from scratches in a perfect manner through its strong protective performance, allowing golf clubs to be kept like a new one.

RealCut Golf Club Protection Film

Plus, the excellent gloss and clarity of the golf club protection film will upgrade the original color and gloss of your golf club, resulting in consistent gloss and better appearance of your golf club after the protective film is installed.

RealCut Golf Club Protection Film

Clif Designs golf club protection film is designed and cut precisely based on curved surfaces of various golf clubs(Driver/Utility/Wood), resulting in perfet fit. Therefore, the golf club protection film is installed on curved surfaces in a seamless manner . And the easy installation of this protective film makes it possible for non-professional installers to install the protection film without difficulties, providing stable and seamless fitting outcome.

In addition, the film which reached its life span can be removed in a clean and easy manner. That is, the film can be removed without any residue on the surface.

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