Car Window Tint Film for Sunroof - Clif Designs

'Function Shield', Special Tint Film for Normal Sunroof & Panorama Sunroof

The core philosophy and value of ClifDesigns' windshield protection film is to create 'safe and comfortable space.' Function Shield has excellent visibility as it is made of non-reflective and non-metal materials, leaving no glare and making you feel more spacious in your vehicle. Plus, the heat blockage performance of IRR 90% ensures pleasant driving. As for maintenance, you can just wash and wax as usual.

A panorama sunroof made of tempered glass is two to three times stronger than general glass. However, if foreign materials are not removed properly, or torsional rigidity occurs in the manufacturing process, 'spontaneous breakage' can be made (tempered glass smashed without external shock), showing that the panorama sunroof itself can be very dangerous. In this regard, Clif Designs Function Shield plays a crucial role in protecting passengers by enhancing glass rigidity.

The core philosophy and value of ClifDesigns' windshield protection film is to create 'safe and comfortable space.' Along with the strong protective performance, Function Shield is equipped with remarkable optical performance, showing that it is a high-quality premium heat-blockage film. Function Shield's excellent heat-blockage performance allows the film to block the direct heat on passengers' head, keeping the vehicle inside pleasant, and protects the passengers' skin and vehicle interiors as it blocks 99% of ultra violet.

Function Shield with nano technology is a non-metal film with no signal interruption, leading to the excellent clarity, and this allows passengers to feel more spacious and enjoy comfortable and pleasant inside environment.


  • - Enhancing Sunroof Rigidity from unexpected external shocks
  • - Prevent Scattering in case of breakage
  • - Improved Exterior Styles (Non reflective classy black)
  • - Increase Privacy Effectiveness
  • - Reducing Eyestrain (Reduces the sun's glare, enhancing visibility)
  • - Siginal-Free (Metal-free film won’t interfere with electronic devices within a vehicle)
  • - Effect of Solar Heat & Harmful UV Blocking
  • - Excellent Transparency & Visibility
  • - Warrantied for 7 Years against delamination, fade, bubbling and cracking


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