'Lover' with Pleasantness, Comfortability, and Sophistication

Non-metal Nano Ceramic Technology...satisfying everything of automotive window tinting

Lover Class is high function film for cars and is composed of high technology material mineral non-metal (ceramic) material with no wave receiving interference and nano meter thick multi layers. It has peerless optical excellency, durability, timeless sophistication, and dignified appearance. It is a representative class of window film of Clifdesigns.

Perfect harmony of performance and sophistication

Lover Class reduces glairiness and fatigue from the internal reflection which is a weak point of general function window films, provides the best visibility even at night as well as during a day, and blocks ultraviolet rays at almost 100% regardless of film penetration rate. In addition, the imperial charcoal color of Lover enhances the value of cars with dignified style.


Model VLT Color R_Type L_Material Thickness Warranty
Lover 5/10/30 Imperial charcoal & Black Non-reflecting Ceramic 1.5/2PLY 7years

Model Rejection(%) VLR(IN/OUT)
Lover 99.9 77~75 0.36~0.46 0.32~0.41 68~59 6 / 8

The test results(measurement reference: 1/4 inch clear glass) are just for reference. There could be tolerance of 3~5% depending on measurement conditions.