Opens a new chapter in premium paint protection film.

Get both superior self-healing and excellent anti-fouling at once!

Octagon is one of paint protection films with the best quality ever produced by Clif Designs, a premium brand for automotive styling and protection. The product has secured such reputation since it is created as 'Premask', a special coating technique, is used on an organic material known as thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU for short other than typical chemical coatings.

The fusion coating layer which is put on the surface of Octagon provides better functionality than any other paint protection film products. The layer is designed to minimize an area of bumps compared with the other existing pentagon coatings. Therefore, better smoothness does not cause the orange peels but produce outstanding clarity and gloss almost equivalent to the original paint drying process in quality.

Also, Octagon performs better than pentagon-structured products in managing the piling ups of dirt, debris from detergent and exhaust dusts over time. So, the film can be kept clean for much longer time.

Attach two types of film to the same vehicle, expose it to the general environment for one month, and then check the level of stain when washing the car.

Octagon performs better than our own other paint protection film products and ones from other brands in protecting the painted surface of the car from being scratched or stone-chipped.

Designed with innovative and cutting-edge technologies, Octagon emerges as the best quality paint protection film and serves as the best option to protect your own car.