Have your vehicle equipped with its own Armor!

In the Medieval Europe, it was a must that knights put on armors to protect themselves from attacks of enemies. Paint Protection Film or ppf is the very "Armor" for your vehicle.

Your car can be damaged by various reasons such as scratches, chips, stains, rust, and road tar. These damages are directly related to reduced value of your investment. That explains why you must choose premium paint protection film to preserve your vehicle!

Clif Designs - Perfect Paint Protection Solution for top 1%

Everyone says, "every Paint Protection Film is the same." This is not true! As different engine oils are required for different engine types, optimized Paint Protection Film solutions should be chosen in consideration of vehicle colors, locations, protection purposes, and even driving habits. To this end, Clif Designs provides various and optimized Paint Protection Film and clear bra solutions with installations by certified installers.


Model Material Aesthetic Resistance Self-Healing Thickness
Gloss Clarity Solvent Stone-Chip Yellowing Stain Film Adhesive Coating
OCTAGON TPU Excellent Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Excellent Normal 6mil 1mil 1mil
PRIMA-K TPU Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Good Good Good 6mil 1.5mil 1.5mil
ELITE TPU Excellent Excellent Good Good Good Normal Normal 6mil 1.5mil 0.5mil

The comparisons above are just for reference., The test results may vary according to vehicles and test conditions.