Computer-Cut PPF 'RealCut'

When people buy expensive products such as cars and smart gadgets, everyone would think that they want to use them without damage for a long time. Clif Designs 'Real Cut', developed to meet the customers' needs, is a computer-cut protection film applicable to various areas such as cars, smart digital devices, home appliances, and sports-related products.

Real CutAutomotive Paint Potection Film
Automotive DIY 'Real Cut' is customized precision-cut film based on each vehicle/location 3D data, allowing high-cost challenging paint protection film installation to be performed easily by anyone.

A cutter is not used on the painted surface for the installation of 'Real Cut', allowing easy and fast installation without risks, maximizing the work efficiency. In addition, the precise and seamless fitting provides stable and perfect outcome even for those who do not have installation experiences.

The 'Real Cut' precision-cut paint protection film is comprised of the 'exclusive film' customized based on installation data for various vehicle models around the world, and 'universal film' that can be installed on any vehicle models. For the 'Real-Cut' film, the premium-level film of Clif Designs is used, making sure various functions including the excellent resistance to yellowing and contamination, and self-healing, and constant aesthetic appearance with remarkable gloss.