Stylish Headlight Sunglass with Colorful Tint

LPU Series, low-yellowing urethane headlight protection film!

LPU series are made of low-yellowing TPU material with outstanding elasticity and strength. Color processing is applied to LPU series, and compared to PVC headlight protection films, LPU series show superior durability and abrasion resistance. In addition, LPU series have excellent durability against yellowing caused by sun light, making it possible to use them for a long time without worrying about discoloration. As for maintenance, you can just wash and wax as usual.

Due to heat created during installation, surface of headlights can be cracked and go cloudy. However, our LPU series are outstanding in releasing lights and heat, preventing these problems. What's more, compared to headlight protection films made of PVC material, LPU series boast superior performance in light divergence, creating better driving conditions at night. Last but not least, easy installation is another strength that makes LPU series more attractive.


Model Material Radiate Resistance Self-Healing Thickness
Light Heat Solvent Stone-Chip Yellowing Contamination Film Adhesive Coating
LPU TPU Good Excellent Good Good Excellent Normal Normal 4mil 1mil 1PLY

The comparisons above are just for reference, The test results may vary according to vehicles and test conditions.


Model Color
Clear Dark Black Light Black Dark Blue Light Blue Red Yellow