Stylish Headlight Sunglass with Colorful Tint
Stylish Headlight Sunglass


Clif Designs LPE series are made of high-quality PVC material and come with 7 colors. LPE series are more cost effective than LPU series and show good performance in protecting headlights. Our LPE series will satisfy customers who want to have more stylish headlights and protective functions at the same time. As for maintenance, you can just wash and wax as usual.

※ This image is just for your reference. The colors may have some differences according to material properties.


Model Material Radiate Resistance Self-Healing Thickness
Light Heat Solvent Stone-Chip Yellowing Contamination Film Adhesive Coating
LPE PVC Normal Bad Bad Good Bad Normal Bad 4mil 1mil

The comparisons above are just for reference, The test results may vary according to vehicles and test conditions.


Model Color
Clear Dark Black Light Black Dark Blue Light Blue Red Yellow