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Protect my car windshield – windshield installation (Clif Designs)

Protect my windshield from stone chips and terror!!!!” 

Actually I was not for the windshield protection film.

However, my thinking has changed completely since my windshield was under terror during the holidays. 

The positive thing was that my windshield was not penetrated thanks to the film attached was highly thick. However, the damage was severe, having me replace the windshield, and it cost me over 1,000 dollars. It was very disappointing since the expenditure was never expected. After replacing the windshield, the first though which occurred to me was the windshield protection film. 

The windshield protection film is to protect windshield glass from unexpected external shocks by installing a specifically-manufactured film onto windshield. By adding the shield films, the strength of the windshield is enhanced, reducing scars made by invisible small debris (rock chips, stars, pitting and bull's eyes), and protecting you and your passengers from the sun’s harmful cancer causing effects. It also reduces the amount of solar heat entering your vehicle.


The molding removal and masking were performed on the windshield.

The molding removal is important for the seamless installation. 

Though the windshield is a new one, it’s important to get rid of oil film and keep the windshield hydrophilic without foreign materials. 


Masking work was performed for the film installation from the bonnet to the roof seamlessly!!


The windshield protection film I chose was ‘Clif Designs’ ‘Smart4’

Compared to general tinting film, Smart4 boast its 4 times thicker film, and it is superior in terms of durability and impact resistance.

What’s more, the UV and TSER functions are also equipped in Smart4 of Clif Designs, resulting in preventing temperature rise inside the car. 


After the cutting work,


The heat forming work was carried out.

Most of the installation time is for the heat forming as the work is very difficult. 



After two hours, the windshield protection film of Clif Designs was completed in a perfect manner. 


The installation was performed with the front tinted, and the windshield protection film is a clear type, resulting in no difference in the windshield after installation. 



The finishing was done in a seamless manner to the point in which the film is invisible on the end lines of the windshield. 


For your reference, the video-clip on the windshield protection film at

If I had installed the windshield protection film before, I would never have replaced my windshield. I regret!!

The saying, “Don't cry over the spilt milk” comes to my mind….