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Premium paint protection film Prima-K presented a new armor for Ferrari 488

Hi! I’m a doctor Oh again!


I brought my Ferrari 488 to an install shop for the installation of Paint Protection Film!

What is PPF?

PPF is an acronym of Paint Protection Film, and the purpose of this film is to protect the painted surface by wrapping it. 

The paint protection film is usually applied to super cars with special painting which is very expensive.

That is, the super cars’ height is low and the cars are speedy, causing damages on the painted surface by stones, chips and other foreign materials on the roads. 

That’s why I had my previous car Porsche 911 installed with full package paint protection film. 

My GT3 was also fully wrapped with the paint protection film.

Is it cheap? No!

The installation itself is costly and the film is also expensive. When it comes to the installation, the installers’ professional work is crucial for the perfect PPF installation. 

However, the installation of paint protection film is more economical compared to the re-painting needed when the painted surface is damaged. 

I also had my Ferrari FF wrapped with the paint protection film.

As for this car, the re-installation was done because the previous paint protection film had the yellowing, and the installation quality was not satisfactory.

So I took my car to Alien’s Agit, which is very professional when it comes to the PPF installation. 

For 488 Spider, I also referred it to Alien’s Agit.

The shop is the very place of PPF installation. Anyone who is interested in wrapping and PPF installation knows this place.

(for me, the shop is near my house)

The full package PPF installation has begun from the front.

The headlamp has also been done in a perfect manner. What’s important for the PPF installation is that the film should be invisible after installation. 

The bonnet has been also installed with PPF and the film is invisible, showing the installation has been done seamlessly. 

Every area susceptible to damage such as air intake, A pillar, rear view mirror, ad black high glossy part has been installed in a seamless manner. 

The sexy back side has been also attached with the film. Look at the rear fender! You will not be able to notice the film as it has been worked very thoroughly to the point in which the film is not visible.

That is, the original color is not affected. 

The back side is not that susceptible to the damage. However, I asked them to do the installation on the back side area to make sure that nothing can damage the area. 

And for the area where the down force is to be created with the wind (aero dynamic effect is going to be enhanced,,,)

The hard top which is to be folded many times has been also performed in a seamless manner!

And the windshield is also to be protected with the protection film.

The difference from the tinting is that the tinting film is attached on the inside, but the windshield protection film is installed outside.

The windshield protection film from Clif Designs does not affect the visibility, and this is why I chose the film created by Clif Designs. 

The installation quality of Alien Agit is just excellent!

The installation has been completed through the long-time effort. 

The gloss has even enhanced. This the very core point in choosing the film!

In many cases, the original color can be lost after the PPF installation, and the film can become yellowed.

However, Prima-K of Clif Designs has no this kind of problem. 

Prima-K of Clif Designs is my favorite film. So I strongly recommend this film to those who are interested in the paint protection film. 

As the gloss has been upgraded, making me feel very satisfied. 

So beautiful!

(I should be careful in maintaining the installation quality to maintain this exciting feeling for a long time…)

I’ll be back with my next car…