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Honda S560 got a new protection on its painted surface thanks to the paint protection film

Today I’m going to talk about Honda S560. 

I’ve ordered this car directly from a Honda dealer in Japan, waited for 7 months before it being released, and went to Japan for shipping the car. 

After I brought it to Korea, I did some works on the car. Among them, there was one work that I was very disappointed. 

Right this one! For those who are crazy about taking care of cars, the paint protection film is a must. As the whole body is wrapped with the protective film this must be the best solution for the car protection. However, I was not satisfied with the work,,,

Because only the front side including the bonnet and front bumper was installed.

I had only the front side installed with PPF since I could not afford the whole package. The PPF itself is expensive, and the installation cost is also very high, and I chose the best paint protection film. For those reasons, I had only the front side covered at that time. 

Usually, the paint protection film becomes yellow after a few months or a year. Initially the film is transparent and glossy. However, the film gets yellowed over time due to its material characteristics. If the film itself has good quality and if it is made of best-in-class material, the yellowing comes very slow or does not come. 

Since my car is a yellow color, I did not have to care about the yellowing as the yellowing might not be that noticeable. Even so, I’ve decided to apply a high-quality and expensive paint protection film. 

Because the high-quality PPF is equipped with water-repellent performance and the best self-healing coating and other superior functions. As for the water-repellent function, it reduces a burden of washing the car. The washing procedures become easier, and just water is enough for getting rid of dusts and other dirty materials.

Plus, the stone-chip resistance is also very important for the protection of cars. 

This time I also brought my car to Alien’s Agit and when I arrived there,,, Wow!

Another beautiful was there for the PPF installation. Many luxury and super cars come to this shop for the paint protection film installation. This is because the shop is known for its thorough and seamless work performance. 

Since the professional installers at the shop did very good job before, I came to this shop for my PPF installation. It might sound that I try to recommend this shop. You are right! I want more people come here for the installation. The reason is very simple! I just want to share the good information with other car owners so that they can get better work results as they have to invest a lot of money for the PPF installation.

Anyways, the installers work from the big way to more thorough and precise works. 

First of all, all the parts that can be in the way of installation are removed. 

Then, stretch the film and cover the painted surface. 

Press down the film and attach it the surface in a tight manner and seamlessly. 

The edge areas are also installed thoroughly and seamlessly. 

Whenever I see their work performance, I cannot not help being astonished!

Put the removed parts back to the locations where they were, and the PPF installation is completed!

And I also had the windshield protection film installed on the windshield. 

The purpose of the installation was that the damage by flying stone chips can be prevented, reducing scratches. Plus the water-repellent performance is also good when it rains, and the UV blockage performance is another purpose.

However, as the film is consists of plural folds, the high-pressure washing should be careful and rubbing hard on the windscreen should be also avoided. This is because the UV coating layer should not be damaged for the film’s better performance. 

Finally, all the works have finished. The gloss is just amazing. Since the film quality is very good, the gloss is even better than the waxing on the surface.

What’s more, the water-repellent performance is also superior. This is better than the ceramic coating. 

This is it for the installation review! I am so satisfied with the full coverage that I strongly recommend the PPF installation. What’s important is that the film should have good quality as my film from Clif Designs shows. See you next time!