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Function Shield helps prevent sunroof accidents and minimizes the possibility of breakage.

The blue-color window harmonized with the wonderful body of Benz E300. 
The front, rear, and front sides of Benz E300 have been transformed into a whole-new beautiful appearance as the Clif Designs’ tinting “Iris Class” has been wrapped. 

The Iris Class equipped with broad color spectrum creates a unique color with the two folds film, containing the personality and charms of the car owner as the high-quality base film Iris and rover film of 15% concentration are customized.

Nice weather, beautiful sea, hilarious streets, and positive atmosphere…
The film contains all the surroundings wrapping Benz E300 as if it is a mirror. 

This is not all. 
Styling is not the only thing that Benz E300 got from Clif Designs’ tinting. Benz E300 is also getting strong invisible protection…!
The secret weapon is at the sunroof. 

Performance and emotion are all important for car. However, the essential feature should be ‘safety’. 
There are numerous dangerous factors that come up while driving. Recently, the safety concern that gets attention from drivers is the quality issue associated with sunroof and panorama sunroof. 

Nowadays, most of the cars are equipped with the sunroof or panorama sunroof. 
The panorama sunroof is popular among car owners because it is like a big canvass containing the beautiful sky. 
However, there is a big weak point in the sunroof and panorama sunroof. 

That is, the glass can be broken at any time. 
The sunroof and panorama sunroof are knows as safe as they use the tempered glass which is stronger than general glass. However, you might have heard that they break often, and it makes you feel worried. 


Sometimes we can hear TV news about the danger associated with the breakage of sunroof and panorama sunroof.

Exploding Sunroofs

If you care about the safety of you and your family, you should pay attention to “Function Shield” the car tinting film exclusively for the panorama sunroof. Function Shield will be the new solution that protect you and your family from the danger. 


The core of technology by Clif Designs - the best brand in the protection film industry. 
Tinting film “Function Shield” 

‘Function Shield’ the premium film for sunroof and panorama sunroof
Clif Designs is also keen to develop better tinting film as it is welcomed in the protection film market. 
‘Function Shield’ is the very product – the premium film for sunroof and panorama sunroof. 

The Function Shield wrapped onto Benz E300 is 4mil in thickness, which is three times thicker than general tinting films, showing that Function Shield is equipped with strong protective performance. 


Function Shield provides strong protective invisible wall, and enhances the glass strength, ensuring the safety for passenger. As the thick and strong tinting film is wrapped inside the sunroof and upholds the glass, the sunroof of Benz E300 gets stronger without worrying about accidents. 

Function Shield helps prevent sunroof accidents and minimizes the possibility of breakage. If a severe accident occurs, the glass scattering can be prevented, upholding the sunroof so that the sunroof does not fall down, minimizing injuries. 


The state-of-the-art technologies of Function Shield make sure the safe driving for the safety of drivers and passengers. 

The remarkable optical performance is also equipped in the Function Shield. 
The UV blockage goes over 90%, blocking the severe heat coming down to heads of drivers and passengers, creating amicable environment inside the vehicle. 


Along with this, the non-metal and non-reflective material of Function Shield create excellent visibility, making the spacious feeling from the panorama sunroof, providing more comfortable environment inside the vehicle that is conducive for both passenger and drivers. 

Clif Designs ‘Function Shield’ the tinting film for sunroof with its core value for the safety of vehicle and family satisfies both the very purpose of UV and heat blockage as a vehicle tinting and the ‘safety’. That explains why the ‘Function Shield’ is the outcome of Clif Designs high technologies. 


The sunroof of Benz E300 contains the blue sky, and the ‘Function Shield’ will take care of me and my family for the safety while driving~