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Lamborghini Aventador Roadster got a new armor on its painted surface and windshield

Recently I’ve decided to sell my Lamborghini Aventador Raodster, and the new owner wanted the paint protection film installation on the supercar. So I went to Alien’s Agit where my previous car was installed with the paint protection film because I know their professional capabilities. 

In fact, I recommended a front side PPF installation to the new owner. However, the new owner asked me to proceed with the full package PPF installation together with a premium tinting and windshield protection film, and I accepted his request. 

The full package PPF installation takes from two to seven days. What’s more, this time the window tinting was added, taking more time. I think enough time for work is important for the perfect installation though the work could be done in just two to three days. 

There is one more reason that I took my supercar to Alien’s Agit. This is because they are professionals and they use only the best films. 

Alien’s Agit uses paint protection film from Clif Designs. Other paint protection films supplied in Korea have problems with yellowing. In particular, the yellowing can be very noticeable on bright colors such as silver and white, forcing the films to be replaced every three year.

However, the films from Clif Designs show excellent resistance to yellowing. For this reason, the films from Clif Designs are used for super car and luxury cars though the price is 30 to 50% higher.

(The paint protection films from Clif Designs are low-yellowing, allowing the films to get yellowed very slowly)

What’s more Clif Designs PPFs are excellent in gloss and clarity. Thus, a lot of super car and luxury car owners love to have their investments wrapped by the films from Clif Designs.

We should remember that there is no such a product that is good but cheap!

After the PPF installation, I got my car tinted according the request by the new owner.

I told him to decide the brand among Solargard LX, Rayno, and Clif Designs. The Clif Designs product was more expensive among other brands. 

The new owner chose the one from Clif Designs. He wanted the best product regardless of the price. 

Plus, Alien’s Agit provides the one from Clif Designs, I dint’ have to move to another shop for different brand. 

I don’t agree that the tinting is just for heat rejection and privacy. Of course, the heat blockage is important, but since big money is required, the visible effect is also very important. 

The Clif Designs tinting was very attractive in terms of visible effects. The difference from other brands was that the tinting is installed in 2 folds, resulting in better heat rejections, and the tinting color was also very beautiful. 

The tinting film of Clif Designs becomes rainbow colors when getting sunlight, and when there is no sunlight, the color turns yellow. 

Before the full package PPF installation, the washing is carried out.

Because foreign materials or dusts are left, the installation should be done again, the washing should be done in a thorough manner. 

That explains why I like Alien’s Agit.

They work in a very thorough manner. I just don’t have tell them anything about the work. They do just perfectly because the PPF installation should in done without any trace of the film after installation. 

In that sense, there are not many shops that can be rivaled with Alien’s Agit. Since the installation is done by people, there could be mistakes, and the mistakes can result in very bad consequences because the cars are whopping expensive. However, I’ve never heart that the installers in Alien’s Agit made any mistake while installing the films. 

Even where the contoured parts are installed in a perfect manner without any film visibility. 

For the perfect quality, the removal is very important. In fact, the super cars from German are PPF installed after their bumpers are removed.

However, the Aventador is too expensive, and there are too many brakets on the front bumper sides, the partial removals were proceeded while installation, though the fuel tank cover and other small areas were removed to make sure that the paint protection film is not visible after installation. 

As the picture shows, the point is that the paint protection film installation should be done in a manner in which the film is not visible after installation. 

The contoured areas such as those on the lights are not traceable in terms of PPF installation. 

After the paint protection film installation is finished, the tinting work has begun.

Aventador has small window on the back side, and this area was also tinted. However, if the tinting is too dark, the driving can be hampered. Thus, only 1 layer film was installed. 

Installers said that the A pillar of Aventador is skewed too much, making the installation very difficult. The installers from Clif Designs headquarters also had very hard time installing the windshield protection film. 

And the side window was also attached with the film. Though it was not completed, the dim color catches our eyes. 

You can see the a little bit green color? 

And then, the remaining second film is attached on the side window. 

What do you say? This had a different feeling from the first film?

The first one gives a green feeling, and the second film shows the blue feeling. 

Again back to my car,,, the LP 700-4 emblem detached for the PPF installation. 

Attached back!!!

Now is the time to see the tinting film result outside under the sunlight!

Moved outside in a careful manner. 

On the front side, only one layer of the film attached to make sure that the driving is not interrupted.

When reflected on the sunlight, the rainbow colors are shown. In addition, I was worried that the film might be too bright since the film concentration is low. But the feeling outside was not bad, not too dark, and not too bright, it was just giving right feelings. 

And the side windows where two layers of the film were installed. 

When reflected by the sunlight, the blue or indigo blue feelings come out. 

Compared to black color tinting, this one is more stylish and luxurious feeling.

How about this? You can see the difference from the black tinting?

As I stated above, I think the premium tinting should provide the peculiar color feeling. If the feeling is not different from the low-coast ones, why would I spend my precious money?

Of course, the heat rejection is important. However, the heat rejection is just the basic option for the premium tinting. Plus, the brand is also very important in choosing the tinting film. In that sense, the Clif Designs is just the right choice.

I would give the score of 9 out of 10 for the Clif Designs film. Basically, the heat rejection effect is excellent, and two layers are attached, and lastly the color gives me high satisfaction as the colors change depending on the sunlight angles.

Lastly, the windshield protection film was installed, that is the must-have item for the super car!

I’ve installed my previous car with the windshield protection film at Alien’s Agit. I think if you enjoy group driving and high-speed, the windshield protection film along with the paint protection film is the must! The windscreen protection film is also from Clif Designs! Today from PPF to windshield protection film, all films are from Clif Designs!

The windshield protection film might be a little bit expensive, even so I recommend the film to my friends. The windscreen protection film protects your investments from stone chips. This is important because if you get the stones from the cars in front of you, your windshield can be damaged in a severe manner, and in a worst case, your windshield can be cracked.

In fact, my recent Benz S Class got a cracked windshield due to the stones from a car in front of me. Anything can happen!!

This is it for my review on the paint protection film, tint film, and windscreen protection film. I’ll come back with different stories next time!