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PPF installation on my lovely BMW M1

There should be many ways to take care of cars.

Among them, my idea is to keep the exterior and interior like a new one from the show room.

As human beings, if we care for our cars, they look prettier and better.

When I see a beautiful car, I have a habit of checking whether the car is wrapped with paint protection film or not. If the car is not armored with PPF, I feel very sorry about the car.

It’s like I want to leave a memo saying, “if you do not attach paint protection film, the stone chips on the headlamp would not be recovered even with polishing, and in case that bonnet and fender have stone chips, the resale value of your car would go down in a severe manner. You must have your car installed with the paint protection film!!” 

Of course, BMW 1M should be installed with the paint protection film.

If you want to protect your investment from flying objects such as stone chips on the road, the PPF is a must!

I bough the used BMW 1M, and the problem is that the previous owner did not install the paint protection film resulting in light stone chip marks though there was no big stone chip mark. 

The touch-up work before the PPF installation!

Done in a perfect manner ~ 

As if nothing happened before ~

Even the edges peeled off..

After the elaborate touch-up work as much as possible, the paint protection film installation begun. 

The film is attached onto the upper area of the backside bumper. 

The inside of door handle is also perfectly installed with the paint protection film. 

Then, the front bumper is armored with PPF~

Front fender is also wrapped with the paint protection film. 

The headlamp is also protected. They call this ‘performance package.’ 

Of course, the real view mirror is included. 

The fuel tank cover is not excluded, and the job is done to the point in which the film is invisible. 

The front bumper is a tricky area as it has many contoured parts. 

This photo shows the area where the bonnet and front fender meet. I just want to show the elaborate finishing ~ close up!

When I had my investment wrapped with the paint protection film on the front, I asked one more work. That was the PPF for real fender.

The over fender of BMW 1M is very vulnerable to stone chips. For this reason, the PPF is attached on Porsche 911 when the super car is released.

If I had had the full package PPF installation, I would not have to be worried about this. But this time the work was done only on the front, I added one more attachment on the real fender. 

After completing the installation, the washing is under way!

Wow! Is he an alien? 

Finishing touch with quick detailer ~

Thought I bought a used car, now it’s like a new one.

You should be careful when choosing the paint protection film. Around a year and half ago, I had my 911 GT3 installed with a Clif Designs paint protection film, and at that time I was very satisfied with the film quality in terms of yellowing, self-healing, stain resistance and appearance (clarity and gloss).

I am confident with Clif Designs film because I had experienced it before. 

Actually, the gloss is the best among other brands I used, and no stain is left. For this reason, when I get E Class next month, I will also use the same film on the new car. 

This is it for my review on the PPF ‘performance package’ on my M1.

Thanks to the professional installers and the amazing quality of Clif Designs premium paint protection film Prima-K, my 1M is now like a new car just out of the showroom.