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Review of BMW M2 paint protection film installation

It makes me feel very nice when I buy a new car. However, the feeling fades away as I begin thinking about what to do to keep the new car like a new one for a long time.

This might be called a nice stress?

Generally, we add tinting, black box or paint protection film for our new cars, and in such case, the important things are the right products and the right install shops.

I’ve also searched for the right decisions, and from now on, let me share what I experienced when my new car got the paint protection film. 

My new car M2 is a black color, and because scratches are very noticeable in black color I’ve decided to do the full paint protection film package on my M2.

People ask why the paint protection film is needed. The biggest reason is that the paint protection film protects the painted surface from stone chips, scratches and swirl marks created while washing a car, resulting in reduced stress. 

Thus, the paint protection film is the best way to maintain the showroom quality on the painted surface. Then, I wanted to have the car PPF installed at a shop good at PPF installation.

So I went to the Alien’s Agit. The shop is known for excellent installation, and the installers were very nice. 

What I can expect from the full paint protection film package are as follow;


  1. Protection of the painted surface (stone chips and scratches)
  2. Easy maintenance
  3. More love towards the car

However, there is also a shortcoming of PPF. That is the fight against the water-spot. And that’s why the right and premium paint protection film should be chosen as it can also have the superior resistance to the water-spot. 

Again, choosing the right paint protection film is very important from the beginning.

The paint protection film I chose this time was Prima-K supplied by Clif Designs. Prima-K can be said as being optimal for black color as it has superior anti-water spot function. Plus, Prima-K boasts excellent self-healing. Thus, after rain, you don’t have to go to the washing shop, and you don’t have to be worried about scratches. 

Again, Clif Designs Prima-K shows excellent self-healing that can exert good performance when swirl scratches occur. Plus, Prima-K also boasts remarkable resistance to bird droppings, and other contaminants. 

For the last 6 years, the paint protection film has evolved in a remarkable manner, and the cost has also gone down. But the price is still burdening for many car owners.

Even so, there are many positive aspects that the paint protection film provides to you as stated before.

Along with this, the resale value will also increase, showing that you don’t have to hesitate anymore!

The PPF installation requires professional install experiences and detailed work performance. In particular, the cutting work should be done in a very professional manner, and the dust should be minimized, and the film should be invisible after installation. 

Where the PPF is rolled inside such as rear view mirrors, emblem, shark antenna should be removed during installation. And removal itself requires professional work performance, While I watched the work done by the installers at Alien’s Agit, I thought that I made the right choice. 

The most tricky area for the PPF installation might be the bumper area. What’ important is to minimize the cuttings. And this is the technique!

The film is being attached to the fender. As the senior installer is doing the job, making me feel satisfied. 

Isn’t it possible that the gloss of the showroom can be deteriorated after the full PPF package installation?

  • I could feel no difference in terms of the gloss. Especially, I’d like to emphasize that Prima-K of Clif designs is much much better than other films I used before. Thus, it is a nonsense that we should not do the PPF installation because of gloss. 

When the PPF is wrapped on the door, the real view mirror is removed, and the PPF is rolled inside into the removed area, making the film invisible. 

Another positive aspect of the full package PPF is that the PPF installation is not visible inside the door cup.

If you attach the pre-cup door edge or door cup PPF, it’s not that good because stains are left around the pre-cut paint protection film.

Though the cost for full package is high, there are more positive aspects for the full package. 

The contoured area is always difficult to do the installation.

That explains why professional installers are needed for the full PPF installation!

Cutting is also very difficult work.

Invisibility is very important after installation. Thus, the cutting should be done professionally via experienced installers. When I see those installers, I cannot help respecting them. 

The paint protection film installed onto the bonnet and fender. It’s totally invisible. 

The bumper is not installed yet, and the bonnet is already installed with PPF.

But there is no difference between the two areas in terms of gloss. 

The door lower part is being finished by the professional installer at Alien’s Agit. 

The attachment is done with the heating gun. 

The backside fender is being wrapped by PPF. 

Two-thirds of my car is being wrapped with PPF, giving me a subtle pleasure. 

Since the fuel tank cap is removed, when the PPF is rolled inside, it is totally invisible. 

The work is completed, and it’s just stunning!

The installation for bonnet, both fenders, all doors, and backside fender has completed.

On the first day, many parts of work have been done, making me surprised. 

On the second day, the installation for roof has been done after the parts of the roof on the right and left sides were removed for the perfect installation towards the invisibility and high quality. 

The finishing touch for the installation on the roof is carried out. 

It took three days for the PPF installation. On Sunday, the car was in the shop to dry it. 

The finishing treatment made me feel just stunned. 

The fuel tank cap has no trace of PPF installation. 

Also no trace of PPF installation on the truck area. 

At the end points where the rear bumper and rear fender meet, I could not tell the PPF installation, and no evidence of cutting work. 

I was very satisfied since the quality was much better than I expected. I felt that I made the right choice in the film and the installation shop. I felt very thankful!

To prevent scratches inside the door when getting on and off the car, I asked to add PPF inside the door, and the job was done greatly.

I feel very satisfied since I don’t have to worry about the scratches inside the door when people get on and get off my car. 

Nobody would notice that the car is wrapped with the paint protection film.

It is totally invisible!

Now, I can use the buffing towel without worrying about scratches, and if people see me using the towel, they would think that I’m crazy.. But I know that the paint protection film is with my car.

Actually, I was a little bit hesitating before deciding to install the paint protection film. But now I think I made the right decision, and I will recommend anyone who is interested in PPF that they must do it!!

This is it for my installation review. Next time, I’ll comeback with my experience in driving my car with PPF.