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Ferrari FF got a new armor to fight against road hazards!


My name is Ogana, a dermatologist. 

Today I’m with Ferrari FF. I’m very excited since I can just drive this super car a few times a month.

(It seems that Ferrari makes me a kid again!)

I went to Alien’s Agit with my FF, the professional paint protection film installation shop. 

I went to the shop not for wrapping but for re-installation of paint protection film.

PPF is a must for the protection of car painted surface, especially for super cars!

So, My Ferrari FF was wrapped with PPF when I bought it.

But the quality was the problem!

First, I don’t know the brand of the film and where the film was installed.

Over time, the yellowing got worse.

That’s why I’ve decided to do the PPF installation again. 

First, the removal of the existing paint protection film was carried out, making sure that the adhesive residue is not left. It was not an easy job!

After a long and tedious work, the adhesive removal was done, and the new film is to be wrapped.

The paint protection film I chose is Clif Designs Prima-K.

I like the film personally because the gloss and clarity of the film are excellent, enhancing the showroom look!

As the PPF technology has evolved, the paint protection films are also upgraded in terms of yellowing, durability, anti-fouling, water-repellent, and clarity. 

However, more important is who does the installation and how it is installed!

That’s why I went to Alien’s Agit for better outcome. 

The installer is working very thoroughly even the area which is not seen. 

Even though the car is so big, the installation has been done without a problem.

I might have to wait for a few days before the attachment is completed in a perfect manner. 

Though the film is not dried, there is no bubble and I cannot see the trace of the installation. It’s is totally invisible!

That is the windshield protection film.

As you know, the windshield is also very weak and sensitive as the painted surface.

Just imagine the stone chips while driving.

In particular, my car costs a huge amount of money if I have to replace the windshield. I just can’t imagine it. 

Of course, you should be very careful in choosing the windshield protection film since the driving should not be interfered in terms of visibility.

I chose the one from Clif Designs because the windshield protection film of Clif Designs has also very positive referrals among consumers and installers. 

I think I’ve made the right decisions about both paint protection film and windshield protection film.

I didn’t even expect that I could be so satisfied this much!

Nowadays, I got stressed too much and tired due to work. But the paint protection film and windshield protection film I just got will make me feel more satisfied when driving with my investment, and this will eventually get rid of my stress.

Soon, I will get new one, and I will come back with my new super car.