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The paint protection film has become essential after buying a new car.

The paint protection film has become essential after buying a new car.

Further to the basic protective functions such as resistance to stone chips and scratches, premium product line-ups are now appearing with various performances as complementing the existing weaknesses of the paint protection films. 

In fact, it’s not been a long time since the paint protection film became popular. Basically, the PPF was enjoyed just among those who owned super cars and luxury cars. 

Those who like the exterior detailing for cars do not have positive thinking towards the paint protection film. This is because they do not believe that the paint protection film can express various reflections that can be made possible through detailing. In particular, low-cost paint protection films do not have good clarity and gloss, and even worse, the general PPFs cause the gloss and clarity of the showroom to be downgraded. 

What’s worse, the painted surface can be damaged when removing the film, and the maintenance can be made difficult since the film is susceptible to contaminants. In addition, the yellowing can be also another stress.


You can understand this if you think of the low-cost films for smart phone protection. 

Even so, the paint protection film is still existing for cars whose re-painting cost is very high when damaged by stone chips, and for car owners who cannot stop doing the high-speed driving while stone chips attack their cars.

But, think about this!

How about this paint protection film with the superior reflections and water-repellent functions?

How about the paint protection film with excellent gloss, clarity, self-healing, anti-fouling, and durability let alone the basic functions for paint protection? 

What’s surprising is that this is the result of PPF installation onto the wrapping film not just onto the painted surface. 

Look at the stunning gloss!

Clif Designs paint protection film Elite has ended the prejudice that the paint protection film has severe orange-peel. Now I’m going to talk about Elite the paint protection film of Clif Designs. 

First, the car gets into the washing booth. As the front package has already been wrapped with PPF, the reflections shown on the bonnet are very beautiful. 

Along with this, the anti-fouling function is excellent, showing that the car is still clean even though the car was exposed to rain and kept outside. 

Plus, the water-repellent is also excellent. 

Clif Designs Elite is equipped with both self-healing and anti-fouling, boasting the best quality and the most cost-effective film. And the excellent anti-fouling performance indicates that light-color cars are suitable for this film. Plus, the clarity and gloss are also the best-in-class, beating any rivals in the industry. 

Though the washing has been carried out, contaminants are removed one more time to make sure no contaminants are left before installation. 

And the spraying work to make sure that the micro dusts floating in the air are removed. This is a very important process, and this also can be seen when the window tinting work is performed. 

From the door on the driver’s side, the installation is carried out. 

The squeezing is done in a thorough manner to make sure that bubbles are not created. Clif Designs paint protection films are known for its easy installation among professional installers. 

The film is rolled inside to make sure that the film is not visible and noticeable after installation. The cutting work is done in a very thorough and careful manner in order not to leave a cutting mark on the painted surface. 

The installer is working very hard and thorough. 12 hours have passed since the installation began. 

But they are never in a hurry. I could feel that they were really professional from the way of their working. It seemed that they were never tired. 

This is the most difficult area. However, Clif Designs Elite is known for its efficient installation considering the contraction and stretches, resulting in the seamless installation. 

The edge areas are also done in a very careful manner, ensuring no cutting mark and seamless installation. 

It’s been a long and long work. When the installation began, I was curious about their work and film, and I got tired, taking a nap, web surfing, sipping coffee, and I felt that the work would never end.

But the result was just stunning!

The reflections of paint protection film are just awesome! Even more surprising is that the film was installed on the wrapping, not the painted surface. 

Looking at my investment with perfect installation from the bumper to fender, my love for the car got intensified. Clif Designs Elite enriched the clarity and gloss, creating a whole new look. 

The paint protection film is just way more than I expected. The gloss, clarity, anti-fouling, durability, self-healing are all equipped in Clif Designs paint protection film named Elite. The full package installation has just finished like this.

My satisfaction cannot be described in just a few words!