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Addicted to paint protection film (installation of Clif Designs Elite)

I’m a person who is very thorough in taking care of what I have!

I hate scratches, and the scratches or other damage make me feel very said, affecting me negative ways in whatever I do including my business.

For this reason, I try to keep my things like new ones, allowing me a peace of mind, resulting in better performance for my work. 

This photo is of my friend’s mini cooper JCW.

Unfortunately, the paint protection film was not installed right after he bought the car. 

A lot of stone chips are seen. The stone chips on headlamps are not solved even through polishing because the cover is reinforced plastic, and the cover cannot be replaced. The only way is to replace the headlamp. For your information, the price of Porsche 911 GT3 headlamp 1set is around US$ 7,000.

That explains why the paint protection film is very important, and I love PPF.

My first PPF experience was when I bought BMW Z4. Since then, I got addicted to the paint protection film. But at that time, the PPF performance was not so good. Fortunately, I found excellent paint protection film from Clif Designs. Plus, the paint protection film named Elite of Clif Designs has no ‘orange-peel’, making me feel very satisfied. 

For my new investment CLS400, I’ve decided to apply the paint protection film.

The car is very expensive, and since I want to drive this car for a long time without damage, I had no reason to hesitate. Even before my car was released, I made a reservation for the paint protection film installation. 

Arrived in the installation shop!

Wow! S600 fully wrapped by Clif Designs paint protection film was there. The gloss is even better after the PPF installation. 

The surface image with severe orange-peel due to the low-cost paint protection film. 

There was also McLaren 570S. The supercar was also installed with paint protection film to protect from stone chips. 

After the PPF installation, the gloss has been enhanced. 

At last, my investment went inside the shop for the full PPF package installation. 

Of course, I chose Clif Designs paint protection film since the brand is the best!

The film I chose is known as excellent in terms of resistance to yellowing. That’s why I’ve decided to have this film installed on my investment!

The photo shows the comparison between a low-cost paint protection film and Clif Designs paint protection film.

The films were attached onto a vehicle, and after a long time outside, the car was washed.

The left shows the result from the low-cost PPF, and the right is from Clif Designs paint protection film named Elite. 

Before the installation, the car washing was carried out in a thorough manner. 

Then I left my car at the shop.

I’ll come back after 7 days. Though the installation can be done within 3 days, I asked the installers to do the installation in a very slow and thorough manner to make sure that the installation can be done in a perfect manner.