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Clif Designs paint protection film on Porsche 911 GT3

I went to an installation shop with my Porsche 911 GT3. It’s been a year since I got this super car. This car is very addictive….


I went to the shop to have my car tested here and there. In particular, the paint protection film was the very reason why I was there. Sometimes, I do the group driving, and while driving I got stone chips on my investment. I wanted to prevent damage on the painted surface of my car, Porsche 911 GT3.  


The result was very successful.

I got full protection from minor scratches, stone chips, and other road hazards.

Again, the paint protection film was the best choice for me. 


The installation of paint protection film has begun!

It’s a job of removing the existing film and applying a new film. 


The new paint protection film is going to be wrapped.

I’ve had a lot of thoughts before deciding the brand of new paint protection film.

Before deciding the paint protection film, vehicle color and driving conditions and other factors should be considered!!


The film I chose was from Clif Designs, which has very good referrals both from installers and car owners.

The best features of Clif Designs paint protection films are they are superior in clarity, gloss, and low-yellowing, let alone the protective performance. 


The worst thing as for the paint protection film is the yellowing. Thus, to prevent the worst case, choosing the right paint protection film is very important!!


This is the tricky area. The contoured part is not easy to do the installation. 


The real view mirror is also very challenging…


It took four days for the new clear bra to be wrapped onto my investment. 


Bling bling,,,

The paint protection film I chose was as follows;

Brand: Clif Designs

Model: Elite


Elite of Clif Designs is equipped with both self-healing and anti-fouling, and this is why I chose Elite. I always choose the best!!


The film I chose ranks the top in terms of clarity, gloss, yellowing, anti-fouling, self-healing, durability and so on. 



It was three months ago when I got the new film wrapped on my vehicle.

During the three months, my investment was exposed to various environments such as high-speed driving, premium detailing, group driving, outdoor parking,,, then here I leave my review on the Clif Designs paint protection film. 


1. Self-healing

The best thing is that the paint protection film of Clif Designs is equipped with the self-healing function that allows the film to heal itself with the help of sunlight or external heat. I could feel that my car got less scratches thanks to the self-healing of Clif Designs paint protection film. 

2. Excellent durability

Since the best-in-class TPU material is used for Clif Designs paint protection film, the durability is also the best, resulting in very less damage from various environments and chemical materials such as very toxic waxing chemicals. 


3. Water-Repellent

One week after the installation, I had my car washed, and found out that the water-repellant performance. It was very interesting experience. That is, after washing the car, you don’t have to do special maintenance. The only thing to do is to remove the water. 


4. Anti-Fouling

The most outstanding feature of Clif Designs paint protection film is the anti-fouling function.

A new coating procedure is applied to the film, resulting in excellent resistance to tar on the road, bird droppings, water-spot, calcium chloride in winter, and other stains.

In general, the film itself is damaged. But I could not notice the film damage on my new one. The anti-fouling of Clif Designs PPF should be the best!


5. Orange-Peel

I cannot see and feel the orange-peel from this new PPF. 

As most other installations, the quality of film is the important factor together with the professional installer.

Thus, I think that the enough time should be given and communication with the installer is very important!!