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Why Clif Designs windshield protection film?

After I got M2 the new car, the first thing I did was PPF installation. It was my first paint protection film in my life. 

Along with the paint protection, the paint protection film is also good when washing the car because I don’t have to worry about scratches that could occur while washing the car without paint protection film.

Paint protection film allows me a peace of mind!!!

The positive thing of full body paint protection film installation is that the whole painted surface can be protected. I can just smile even when bird droppings fall onto my car, someone leans against my car, and worms play around my car thanks to the paint protection film.

(Plus, the paint protection film has stronger resistance to swirl marks than I expected)


What’s more, the film is invisible after installation!!!

Recently, there was an accident which was not so said thanks to the paint protection film. 

The accident was that my fender got scratched.

To prevent dings on my car, I parked my car very closely to the wall. What I missed was that my car’s fender is very wide, resulting in scratches on my car fender. 

I’ve never made this kind of mistake,,, I dint’ recognize that my fender was so wide. 

The fortunate thing was that only the paint protection film was damaged. Which means the painted surface of the fender itself was not scratched thanks to the protective film.

I thought that installing the paint protection films was the right decision, and I will do the paint protection film installation again when I get a new car!

I’m just in live with the paint protection film!!

Another reason that I went to the installation shop was to install ‘windshield protection film’ to protect my investment from stone chips as I experienced the road hazards before. 

Actually, it w

It was not my first time to install the windshield protection film.

Though I got the windscreen protection film on my previous car, the film brand was not that good, and I had to remove the film in just a short period of time. 


Thus, I decided to use Clif Designs windshield protection film as I heard that the brand is welcomed by many car owners, and I felt satisfied since the installation shop also had good referrals. 


First, the washing was carried out before installation. 

After the car washing, the windshield protection film installation got started.

For one thing, the windscreen protection film is attached outside the windshield, not inside as the tinting film.

I heard that the windshield protection film is much thicker than tinting films, the heat forming takes longer and attachment is more difficult. 

At Alien’ Agit, the car components under the windshield are disassembled. This is because the film is rolled inside, making sure that the film is invisible after installation. 


After cutting the film, 

The film forming work was performed. 

It It is very likely that the windshield is broken due to stone chips.

I understand that there are people who would not understand the necessity of the windshield protection film. However, for those who experienced the windshield breakage, the windscreen protection film comes as a must-have item. In a sense, the windshield protection film should be installed before the paint protection film. You know that the replacement of windshield costs you a lot!


After the forming is complete, 


The oil film on the windshield surface is removed before the installation. 


Then, the film and liner are separated. 


Cleaning is done one more time. 


Cleaning job is done in a very thorough manner to make sure that there is no foreign material left. 


The film is attached. 


For better attachment, the installation is done together with the heating gun.

Now there is no worry about stone chips!


Now it’s time to hit the road!!