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[Press release] New Trend of DIY Paint Protection Film, Clif Designs 'Real Cut'

[Press release dated on April 7th, 2017]

New Trend of DIY Paint Protection Film, Clif Designs 'Real Cut'

When people buy expensive products such as cars and smart gadgets, everyone would think that they want to use them without damage for a long time. As cars are getting more expensive recently, Paint protection films, which protect outer surfaces of vehicles and minimize economic loss, are deemed as a must-buy item for vehicle management, and the related market is growing.

In this regard, Clif Designs, the leading company in car paint protection films, has launched its new business model named 'Real Cut'. This new model has been brought into the world through its long-term know-how, and it is now welcomed as a specialized and unique solution.

Clif Designs 'Real Cut', developed to meet the customers' needs, is a computer-cut protection film applicable to various areas such as cars, smart digital devices, home appliances, and sports-related products. Currently, the 'Real Cut' product lines include vehicle pattern PPF, bicycle protection films, protection films for massage chairs, and golf club protection films.

'Real Cut' is different from existing protection films in that it is a 'precision-cut film' optimized for solutions required and it is a 'top-level exclusive film.' 'Real Cut' is now getting very positive feedback from customers thanks to its perfect fit as it is produced via sophisticated software & hardware and superior film materials. As for the 'Real Cut' paint protection film, a cutter is not used on painted surface, allowing easy installation on various surfaces without danger, and resulting in stable and seamless outcome as if it is installed by experienced installers.

Clif Designs paint protection films, used to produce the 'Real Cut' films, are dominating the premium PPF market as being recognized as the most innovative products in the industry. Down the road, Clif Designs 'Real Cut' will establish various product lines applicable to all of the aspects in our lives based on its specialized software and hardware, and is expected to open a new chapter for new paradigm of protection films.
All 'Real Cut' product lines including customized paint protection films for domestic and import cars, bicycle protection films, and golf club protection films can be purchased any time through on-line markets.