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[Press release] Clif Designs launches new PPF Prima-K

[Press release dated on April 7th, 2017]

Clif Designs launches its new upgraded PPF Prima-K

Clif Designs is the brand specialized in premium car paint protection films. Clif Designs is well established as the No.1 brand in the PPF market as it shows various PPF product line-up through its constant efforts to develop new materials and innovative technologies targeting the top 1% super cars.

The newly launched Prima-K is known to make up for the slight weaknesses of Prima-X, the flagship PPF model of Clif Designs without compromising the strong self-healing performance, which Prima-X boasts.

First of all, a top-quality low-yellowing  urethane material is applied and the material is 1mil thicker compared to the material used for the existing Prima-X, increasing the resistance to external shocks by more than 15%, making sure stronger protective performance. What's more, the 'SPC(Scratch & Pollution-Control) special coating' is applied together with the existing 3Ply special coating process, maintaining the strengths of self-healing function, and allowing maintenance to become easier in terms of surface contamination and discoloration.

According to the person at Clif Designs, "the upgraded new model Prima-K is the result of unstopped challenges and efforts in enhancing product qualities in order to satisfy what our customers require. Since we know that the only way to take one step further in the PPF market is the ceaseless efforts in R&D, we will not spare our efforts in developing paint protection films which have better performances compared to other brands."

Clif Designs is equipped with 5 kinds of perfect PPF model line-ups for each purpose(vehicles' color and different features / driving conditions / installation coverage, etc.,). 'Octagon' boasts its anti-fouling function, 'Elite' satisfies customers with its reasonable cost effective price, 'Matt' is welcomed by many customers with its matt feature, and 'Real Cut', the DIY paint protection film, also enjoys love from many club members and other customers.


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