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[Press release] Clif Designs "Function Shield"

[Press release dated on July 19th, 2016]

Clif Designs is to launch "Function Shield", premium sun tint film for panorama sunroof with protective functions

Clif Designs has created "Function Shield", the remarkable premium protection film for sunroof and panorama sunroof. This has been made possible as Clif Designs, which satisfies car owners around the world under the motto of "quality for top 1% premium cars", has made all-out efforts with its unstopped challenges and innovative technologies.

A panorama sunroof made of tempered glass is two to three times stronger than general glass. However, if foreign materials are not removed properly or torsional rigidity occurs in the manufacturing process, 'spontaneous breakage' can be made(tempered glass smashed without external shock), showing that the panorama sunroof itself can be very dangerous. In this regards, Clif Designs Function Shield plays a crucial role in protecting passengers by enhancing glass rigidity.

Function Shield is 4mil in thickness, 2.5 times thicker than general window tint films, providing very special solutions in both strong protective functions and world-class optical clarity.

The core philosophy and value of Clif Designs windshield protection film is to create 'safe and comfortable space.' Function Shield has excellent visibility as it is made of non-reflective and non-metal materials, leaving no glare and making you feel more spacious in your vehicle. Plus, the heat blockage performance of IRR 90% ensures pleasant driving.

It is expected that 'Function Shield' will help drivers enjoy safe and comfortable driving and become another safety kit for passengers with its strong protective function, enhancing the glass rigidity.


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